Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I know you've all felt it. I've had the blah's. I'm getting better now tho. I've got a new temp job that will hopefully turn into something long term. I'm working in the mail room at Moore Wallace.

I've also just signed up to be a Slumber Parties distributor and hope to get that going real soon. If any of you would like to book a party just let me know. If you don't want to world to know about it you can contact me using my email address. It should be listed in my profile to the right.

I also need to send another thank you to my secret pal. I got a really cute stained glass coloring book and some markers to color it with. I also got some cute pencils.

As you can see from the progress bars on the right I haven't been doing much knitting. A sign that I haven't been feeling great. I did however just get my latest issue of Creative Knitting and there are a lot of cute projects in there that haven't given me the itch again.

My fiance just got home and has caught our lunch.

Looks yummy doesn't it. Those are both rainbows caught using the flies that I bought him for his birthday. He said he actually caught 4 but threw 2 back. He's never had this much success fly fishing before. I told him it pays to listen to the guys in the fly shop. They usually know what they're talking about. The only complaint I have is that he left the heads on when he served it and there is no way in hell that I'd be able to eat the fish looking at those nasty grey eyes. Blech!