Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost a month...

So I read on some blog earlier today, no I don't remember which one, that if you don't post for a month you're blog is as good as dead. I realize that I have gone longer periods of time without posting and I'll probably be erratic still in posts to come but hey, you get what you pay for.

What have I been doing the last month you may ask. Lots of things. Some knitting. But mostly I have rediscovered my original needle passion Cross Stitch. And like the typical ADD American that I am I have three started and none finished. The one I have been working on the most is

I have all of the upper right wing complete and am working on the scroll in the middle now. I have also started

Sorry but I couldn't find a better picture. On that one I only have about 100 stitches actually in the cloth. I have also started

I have quite a bit of his forehead done and around the eyes. On the main wolf that is.

That's pretty much all that I've been doing other than work and sleep.