Friday, October 10, 2008

16 Things I Have Made

This list will not include food stuffs. That list would be huge. It will however include some of the craft items I can remember.

  1. Numerous cross stitch items
  2. 2 pairs of socks
  3. Numerous fulled bags
  4. Numerous Market Bags
  5. Clapotis
  6. a couple of hats
  7. 2 chemises
  8. 2 pairs of shorts (with help from mom)
  9. 1 under skirt
  10. 1 over skirt
  11. 1 bodice (again with help from mom)
  12. curtains
  13. popsicle stick structures
  14. clay ashtrays
  15. beautiful finger painted landscapes (at least that's what I told my mom they were. They must have been beautiful because she usually put them up on the fridge.)
  16. And one time in elementary school, I made a mission out of sugar cubes (I don't remember which one it was though)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

1 Answer to a Hypothetical Question

A few days ago Dooce posted a question.

If you could donate some money to a starving family so that they could feed their children but were only allowed to do so if you also gave an equal amount to a crack addict to buy more crack, would you?

She left the comments open on this one. Which I have noticed she's doing more and more lately. I didn't respond to that question. Several thousand responses did come in, quite a few of them were blasting her for asking such an obviously political question. Which it totally wasn't. I am going to answer that question now though.

Having been in the situation where my mother had to decide if she would eat or my brother and I would, I would so totally give the money to the family. My logic is this. If that person takes my $20 or $50 and goes and buys crack eventually they will get bad shit or OD and die. One less crack addict to worry about. However, it might mean one mom or dad that doesn't have to do without and become ill because of a lack of or improper nutrition.

I know some of you may think that's callous and cold and I'm a major bitch for even thinking something like that. However if you're giving them money to buy crack they're not going to use it to get into rehab or buy food. You gave them the money to BUY CRACK. That's what they're going to do with it. Those kinds of people are not helpable, is that even a word?

I'm all for trying to help people that genuinely want the help. That are ready to give up their addictions and clean up their lives. We should have places for them to go where they're in a controlled environment relearning how to be human and not drug addicted monsters. I'm not trying to say that all crack addicts are hopeless. But the ones that are happy with their addictions? Fuck em. Let them kill themselves. I'll even help them on their way if it means that someone else gets the help they need.