Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm Bad

I've spent over $137 on yarn in the last 3 days. Granted all but $28 of that was Mohair for a shawl. I still shouldn't have spent that money. But the yarn was just soooooooo yummy I had to have it. I will post pics when I get home. I'm stuck at work right now and don't have access to my camera connection.

Getting home might not be until fairly late as it's my friends b-day and we're going to hang out at the local bar, Mulligan's, and have a coupla drinks. So you might want to check back tomorrow.

In knitting news, I have finished knitting my baby sweater and started the largest size, 3yrs. I have a couple hours left on that and then finishing and blocking for both. I'll again post pics when I get home. I have also decided that I'm not allowed to cast on for any new projects until I finish the guitar strap for my honey and the scarf for my mom. Looks like I have a lot of boring St st in my future.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bag Done!!!

I finished my bag last Friday night, okay very early Saturday morning. I needle felted it this weekend and put on Mickey Mouse's glove. I thought the colors were perfect for that. As you can see from the picture the glove isn't perfect but hey if it were I'd get in trouble for copy right infringement.

I've also been bitten by the beaded stitch marker bug. I've yet to take good pics of those. In order to get them in focus with my camera they're way too small to see. I'll eventually be selling those online and I'll post a link when I figure out where I'll be selling them. I've started on a pair of wrist warmers for myself and the lace pattern is starting to get on my nerves even tho it's a very simple pattern. I'm thinking I'll just put it at the very bottom and tops of the warmers. I'll have to see later.

Time to go get ready for work now. I'll catch y'all later