Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Secret Pal is Totally Freaking Awesome

I got my last package from her a couple of days ago and haven't had the time to post. So now I've finally gotten around to it. Here are some pics of what she sent me.

All of it!

Here are some out of focus close ups for better color.

The Peacock

and the handpainted.

Aren't they purty? Don't you wish you had my secret pal?

Her name is Libby and her blog is at How appropriate is it that her blog is Knitterpated when I have a tattoo of Flower on my ankle?

In knitting news I have finally cast on for the Rogue Hoodie. I've only got 2 rows done so far as it's K1P1 ribbing over 196 stitches. Totally sucks major butt. I'm sure when I get that part done it'll be much more fun and prolly go alot faster.